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Raspberry Pi Mouse V3 Fullkit


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The Best Wheeled Robot for ROS Learning

■ Contents
-Main body set
-Raspberry Pi 4 B
-microSDHC 16GB (with OS and device driver)
-Lithium rechargeable battery
-Robot charger
-Cable for AC adapter
-Power supply AC adapter *Use only the AC adapter to power the Raspberry Pi Mouse. No power supply is required from the USB connector on the Raspberry Pi board (it may lead to damage)

■ Features
-Can be handled relatively easily
-Any language is available
-Can be used for research and learning of artificial intelligence
-Can be controlled by ROS /RTM (*1, *2)
-Works with the shell (*3)
-Open source hardware

* 1 ROS (Robot Operating System): Middleware for robot control. It is distributed as open source and used for research on many robots around the world, and there is also a wiki in the developer community. By using ROS, you can reduce the time and effort to develop a robot. It is basically developed in open source. Also, most of the core software has a BSD license.

* 2 RTM: RT middleware. RT (Robot Technology / Robotic Technology) refers to various robot functional elements that can be used, not just a single robot. RTM (RT middleware) is a platform for modularizing these various functional elements and integrating them in software.

* 3 Since the device driver is prepared by RT, it can be controlled by the Linux shell.
In addition, it supports many other languages ​​including C ++ and Java.

■ Specifications
-PC connection method: LAN, serial communication
-Installable control computer (* 4): Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B +, Raspberry Pi 2B, Raspberry Pi B +, Raspberry Pi 4B * -A connector for Raspberry Pi 4 is required.
-Motor: 4-phase stepping motor x2 (basic step angle: 0.9 degrees, number of steps per rotation: 400)
-I / O port: Compliant with Raspberry Pi
-Audio: Programmable buzzer x1
-Sensor: Distance sensor x4 using red LED, pulse counter (accumulates pulse command to stepping motor driver)
-Button: Push button x3
-LED: Programmable LED x4, power status LED x1
-Battery: Lithium-ion battery 3 cells 1000mAh *In some cases, overseas shipping may not be possible.
-Weight: 740g (including battery)
-Size: Length 130 x Width 100 x Height 83 (mm)
* 4 Raspberry Pi 3B is included in this kit.

■ Materials
Device driver (GitHub)
ROS sample code collection
ROS 2 package
[Professor Ryuichi Ueda, Chiba Institute of Technology]
ROS installation procedure (Github)
[Professor Kenichi Ohara, Meijo University]
RT-Middleware (RTM) source code (GitHub)
If you have any questions about Raspberry Pi Mouse, please ask at GitHub RaspberryPiMouse.

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* The battery alone cannot be shipped overseas.

  • Model: RT-RASPIMOUSE-V3-Full_Pi4
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: アールティ / RT

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