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KRS-3304R2 ICS 6pcs set


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The KRS-3304R2 ICS is a small servo with a cube-type design. A coreless motor is used to deliver a maximum torque of 13.9kgf-cm (at 7.4V), which is equal to that of a standard size servo. Metal gears are used to ensure durability when used with bipedal robots.

[Difference between KRS-3304 and ICS]
The KRS-3304R2 ICS has been upgraded to the 3.6 ICS version. The command to get the current value is now available.
The case, gear and motor are the same as KRS-3304 ICS. There are no changes to the specifications.

Gears: Metal gears
The use of metal gears in all stages ensures sufficient durability.
In addition, the shaft is supported by bearings to ensure stable operation.

Case: KRS-3300 series
Because it is a cube type, the silhouette of the robot does not change greatly no matter which direction it is placed, so it does not ruin the style of the robot. In addition, it is easy to design and install the frame because there is little unevenness on the surface.

The case for repair parts is compatible with the "Servo Case for KRS-3300 Series". Please note that "Servo Case for KRS-3301" cannot be used.

Wiring: ZH connector ×2
The cable is detachable, so you can replace it with any length you like. Since two connectors are mounted, it is possible to connect servos to each other and make a multi-drop connection.

Communication Specification: ICS3.6
ICS3.6 is the upward compatible specification of ICS3.5, which implements the command to get the current value to the content of 3.5.
For communication, you can choose between serial and PWM as before.
The servo communication can be changed to match the microcomputer board to be controlled.
In serial mode, you can assign IDs to servos, so you can connect servos to each other with multi-drop connection.

KRS-3301/3302/3304/3304R2 can be mixed.
The KRS-3300 series can be used together in a multi-drop connection. Also, the parts of the KXR series can be used in the same way.

[At 7.4V]
Maximum torque: 13.9 kgf-cm
Maximum speed: 0.11s/60°

[At 6.0V]
Maximum torque: 11.2kgf-cm
Maximum speed: 0.13s/60°

Dimensions: 32.5 x 26 x 26mm (excluding protruding parts)
Weight: 33.7g
Maximum operating angle: 270°(±135°)
Gear type: Metal gear
Case material: Plastic
Gear ratio: 289.22:1 (power supply voltage: 6 to 7.4V)
Power supply voltage: 6 to 7.4V
Cable: Detachable.
Connector: ZH connector
Communication standard: ICS3.6 (Serial/PWM selectable)
 → Default setting....Normal mode (PWM or serial)
Communication speed: 115200/625000/1250000bps
Initial setting: PWM mode
Signal level: TTL
Rotation mode: Available

[Supported Control Boards]
 *PWM only

Dual USB adapter HS
ICS USB Adapter HS

[Set of 6] ZH connection cable A (300mm) × 6
ZH connection cable B (300mm) × 6
M3 x 6 Low head horn retaining screw x 6

  • Model: 03171
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Manufactured by: 近藤科学 / Kondo

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